CW Hill Country Ranch Wedding Venue
a Texas Hill Country Wedding Destination


Texas Hill Country wedding venue offers award-winning ceremony, reception, and lodging in the heart of Texas Hill Country near Austin and San Antonio


Cw Ranch

Texas Hill Country Wedding Venue

Where texas hill country meets hospitality

CW Ranch sets brides and grooms at the center of the wedding experience. Like everything in our lives, we believe a servant's heart is the best place to start. Plenty of wedding venues in Texas Hill Country have barns, but your wedding experience is more than just seven hours on a ranch. You've waited a long time to create a wedding that's as rare and uncommon as the love you've found in your future spouse. You deserve the wedding of your dreams, not what fits into the wedding venue's schedule. 

At CW Ranch, you'll discover a Texas Hill Country setting with beauty, serenity, and peace of mind in the midst of the pressures on the Big Day, so you can relax at your own wedding. A wedding venue where most of the work is already done, so you only have to focus on the little touches to make your wedding express who you are and what you love. A place where your Texas family traditions and values are respected, so you can be you while honoring what's come before.

We think you'll find it's everything else we do that makes CW Ranch the Texas Hill Country wedding venue you had in mind from the moment you said "Yes, I'll marry you."

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Create Your Own Experience

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CW Ranch is a beautiful wedding venue that offers a gorgeous back drop of the Texas Hill Country for any ceremony and reception!
— Jen Harbuck, Owner of Southern Unique Events

In the Heart of The Texas Hill Country

Colorful wildflowers. Rolling hills. Vineyards checking the landscape. Texas Hill Country inspires the senses, and reminds us that a slower pace to life is just a short jaunt from the bustle of the every-day grind. On the short drive to CW Hill Country Ranch, you and your wedding guests will unwind while peering out the window at nature's wonder and the small-town way of life. As we say, a little more effort gets you a lot more reward.

distance from fredericksburg: 35 minutes

Distance from San antonio: 60 minutes

Distance from austin: 90 minutes

Distance from Houston: 3 hours 45 minutes

Distance from Dallas: 4 hours 15 minutes